Rent My Marketing Brain

On my path in journalism, I have also worked many marketing gigs. If you’re a brand looking to build a content marketing strategy, or simply get more creative with your marketing efforts, I’m here and certainly happy to help. I have four years of experience advising brands on how to effectively develop content marketing strategies.

How would we work together? 

First, we’d have an introductory meeting to discuss your goals. From there I’d develop a proposal for a plan. Each project is different and depends on your goals. I’ve helped companies increase their SEO ranking through blog content. I’ve also helped companies strengthen their branding to attract the right audiences by rewriting compelling web copy. Additionally, I’m an expert in helping your brand tell its story through customer case studies.

Why should you work with me? 

I understand both the publishing and marketing worlds. I never sacrifice quality or creativity. After working at multiple startups, and building their content strategies from the ground up, I know what it takes to create a successful and manageable strategy.


It really depends on the project. If you’d like me to help you get your content marketing program started, please email me, and we can chat about your needs to see if we’d make a good team. 

You can find a collection of blog posts I’ve written for one of my clients, Brute storage, here.
At Twenty20, I helped launch their social media marketing calendar. I wrote all of the copy for it which can be viewed here. I also wrote, designed & conceptualized an infographic–link here.
At Scripted, I wrote and edited a 28-page ebook: “The Ultimate Guide to Building a Content Marketing Team.” You can read it here. This e-book was part of the content marketing program I built for the company from the ground up. i managed their blog, social media channels & pr efforts too.
As part of a collaboration between Omni and The Bold Italic, I wrote two sponsored posts for Omni’s publication Lighter Living. Links to these articles here and here. 🙂

Client List


Sonoma Broadway Farms

Brute Storage