One Month of Travel: Random Thoughts & Lessons Learned

I’ve officially been on the road now for one month, even though it feels like much longer. Throughout my travels, I’ve been writing little lessons and thoughts I’ve had along the way in my journal that I think would be fun to share with you all — and look back on someday. I’ll try and do this every month if I remember. Here they are:

1. It really is amazing how little you need to get by. I only have my backpack, which isn’t that big, and there are clothes in it I still haven’t worn. In fact, I’ve left some behind in different cities on purpose to make room for new ones. I did a big spring cleaning before I left, but I think an even bigger one is in order for when I get back.

2. First impressions are meaningless. It’s true to never judge a book by its cover. Everyone I’ve met has surprised me in the best way.

3. Age doesn’t matter. It’s actually refreshing to hang out with people older and younger than you. I’ve made friends with people who are 19 and 59. There’s always something to learn from every friend you make.

4. I still don’t know how to handle my natural curls. They’re so nappy. And dry. I wear my hair up everyday. Help.

5. I’m not a kid person. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to have some of my own one day, but teaching is most definitely not in my future. I’ve accepted this fate.

6. It’s a waste of time to worry about things that happened and aren’t in your control. If your motorbike breaks down, you deal with it. If you’re scammed, you accept it. If you lose something, you don’t dwell. If you get on the wrong bus, there’s always another one going where you need to be.

7. I’d rather have time to do what I love than money.

8. The Western culture over-complicates a lot of things.

9. I can build a house out of mud, wood chips, and water.

10. Sunsets halfway across the world show you how connected we are by this one big star. When the sun sets for me, it rises for you. We’re all looking at the same sun every day.

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  1. hi Nicole, I LOVE this post, and your blog!!!! This post reminded me of something I learned when I was in Thailand almost 20 years ago. My friend and I were traveling many places in Thailand over 10 days, and during the trip I was trying to understand what “buddhism” was about. At one point, I was in a shop and had spent a significant amount of time negotiating to buy a beautiful (and very heavy) buddha statue. They were wrapping it up and I realized what a huge burden it would be to carry it with me during the rest of my travels. (I couldn’t ship it because it was way too expensive!) I then saw a beautiful hand carved frame, which was also very light, and decided at the last minute to buy the frame instead. Walking out of the store, our tour guide told me that I had learned what “buddhism” was about. He said it’s like really wanting that very expensive house, until you get the mortgage. You then realize you really want the small house with the small mortgage!!

    So glad you have learned a lot and have enjoyed it!! Miss you and miss your mom!!!

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