Sometimes Kids Give You Gifts

I have only been at this school for three days now, but the kids treat me like I’ve been here much longer. They aren’t shy at all. They’re very friendly and welcoming. Every time I walk down the street they point at me and yell “teacha, teacha!” 

Sometimes they stop and sing the ABC’s song to me. Sometimes they name off colors in English. And sometimes they give me a gift. I’ve received a lovely ring, a lot of flowers, and then today, one little girl gave me a dead frog. Yes, a dead frog. 

I wouldn’t have expected such a gift from an innocent looking girl. At first, she gave me flowers and slices of an apple. I appreciated those. But then she disappeared for a minute. I heard ruffling in the trees. She returned with the dead frog in her hand and started waving it in front of me. Its body was pretty flat, and its bones were still covered by its black slimey, waxy skin. 

I wasn’t sure what she was planning on doing with it. Startled, and scared, I yelled “no, put it down.” But she didn’t understand.

As she began to place it in the pile of gifts she already gave me, I grabbed my things and ran. I didn’t even put my computer in my daypack. I just ran down the street with my computer in my right hand, and my other things in my left hand.

That was pretty much the most exciting part of my Sunday. All I’ve done today is eat, read, run away from a little girl and a dead frog, and write this blog post. 

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  1. It reminds me of when I WAS teaching school. The kids always want to give you presents. At Christmas time I really made out.

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